Awasu Personal Edition v1.1.2 (beta)

Channel content presentation is now extremely configurable. The first place to look is in the Display page of the Program Options dialog. Here you can set the default options that will be applied to every channel:

  • Channel template: Template files control how each channel summary page will look. You can easily modify these files yourself or write your own.

  • Show feed items: You can show all feed items, unread ones only or only new ones (those that were first received in the last update).

  • Feed item format: This controls how to present each feed item. You can display them as provided by the publisher, or just a short excerpt (useful if the publisher is providing very large feed items) or a plain-text version (good if you are concerned about nasty HTML in feed items).

If you want to change these settings differently for individual channels, you can override the default settings in the Channel Properties dialog:


Finally, if the channel's window is open, you can quickly change these settings from the main menu (View, Show feed items and View, Feed item format). Changes you make here are temporary and will only stay in effect until the window is closed.