Awasu Personal Edition 2.0

Download and run one of the following programs to install your free copy of Awasu Personal Edition 2.0:

If you use Windows NT, 2000 or XP.
If you use Windows 98 or Me.

  • IMPORTANT! If you are already using Awasu, it is strongly recommended that you backup your existing installation before upgrading!

  • The upgrade process may take a short while to complete depending on the speed of your machine and the number of channel subscriptions you have. Please be patient.

  • If you are already running one of the previous betas, you will get a warning during the upgrade process - this can be safely ignored.

Read about the features in this version here.


Known issues

  • There is a known problem with TortoiseCVS that prevents Awasu from showing its main window. If you start Awasu but don't see anything, you need to either uninstall TortoiseCVS or use the Windows 98/Me version. The 98/Me version runs fine on NT4/2000/XP and only differs from the main version in some very minor ways.

    Many thanks to Doug Dunlop and everyone else who helped track this one down.

  • The Personal Edition allows up to three plugins channels. However, there is a bug that causes problems if you have three so please limit plugin channels to two. This will be fixed in the next beta.

  • There is a bug that causes Awasu to crash if you try to access it via the system tray too quickly after starting it. The workaround is to wait a few seconds after starting Awasu before using the system tray menu.

  • If you want to run Awasu as a restricted user on Windows XP/2000/NT, you must have write permissions to the installation directory and sub-directories. Ask your system administrator or the person who installed the software on your PC to arrange it for you.