Awasu 2.1.1.alpha1

Channel hook events

Two new channel hook events have been added to flag when things relating to enclosures occur.

Don't forget to register for them in the [Events] section of your .HOOK file if you want to be notified of these events!



This event is raised when an enclosure has finished downloading. The key INI file parameters are:
    Url=... (URL of the downloaded file)
    SaveFilename=... (where the file has been saved)
    AutoDeleteTime=... (time_t when the file will be auto-deleted)


This event is raised when a downloaded file is about to be deleted i.e. the file will still be there if you need to take a look at it for some reason. The key INI file parameters are:
    Url=... (URL where the file was originally downloaded from)
    SaveFilename=... (the file that is about to be deleted)