Awasu 2.1.2.alpha1

IMPORTANT: This is an alpha release (what's this?). Some features are not complete and you will find bugs!

You must be already running 2.1.1. To install:

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a known issue that will crash Awasu on startup if you have tabbed browsing turned off. To turn it back on, open your user's CONFIG.INI file in Notepad, find the line that says "UiHandlerType=0" and change the 0 to 1. This will be fixed for the next alpha.


Release notes

This release introduces support for multiple (Advanced/Pro Editions only) workpads. There is a new menu item (View|Workpads) that lets you create and manage workpads, assign hotkeys, etc. in the usual way.

Workpad items can be dragged and dropped between workpads and also from the item pane of channel windows. Items can also be edited (right-click on them for a context menu) and your own notes attached to them that can subsequently be included in reports. The new parameters that can be used in channel report templates are:

There are new keyboard shortcuts for adding entries to a workpad: Since it is now possible to have more than one workpad, these shortcuts always work on the default workpad, that is, the first one defined in the Organize Workpads dialog.

Workpads can be docked or floated as per normal but there is also an additional neat feature where they can be "glued" together to form a single window with multiple tabs.


Other notes


Upcoming features and known issues