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Postby kai » Fri Sep 07, 2007 8:15 am


In my opinion some minor changes in the item pane would handle the
thing much easier. Your reader is very strong when it is possible to stay online all the time with a flatrate and a fast internet connection. I am always at places where you have to pay for every minute you are online and with smallband connection. So than you want to go online, pick up all news, disconnect, go through the items to keep just these you are interested in and then go online again to say "open all unread items in tabs". Than it is just downloading the stuff you selected and wanted. I know you say I can use Awasu to read offline, but then you need a fast connection and with a lot of stuff you need a flatrate.

Regards Kai

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Postby support » Fri Sep 07, 2007 8:41 am

As you know, channels can be configured to download feed items so that they can be read even when you're offline, but it's not selective i.e. it will download <i>every</i> item in the feed. I was thinking about having a feature where you can choose which items you want to download so if people want this, that's one way we could go.

But there's another alternative that you can use right now. If you've been following the recent discussion about Awasu and PDA's, you will have seen that I mentioned that we were working with some people ages ago to get Awasu to download content and transfer it to their PDA's. The solution we had in place will also help in your situation:

(*) Create a new workpad.
(*) Every time you see a feed item you want to download and read later, add it to this workpad.
(*) Create a report that generates an HTML page containing only the links for each of the workpad's items (e.g. use <tt>CompactChannelReport.template</tt>).
(*) When you get online, generate the report and point a downloading program at the generated HTML page to download each of the links.

In the last step, you will need a program known as a "spider" or "crawler" which follows links and downloads what it finds. We were using Plucker before but there are zillions of these kind of programs around so it shouldn't be hard to find one that suits you.

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