Postby Melchior » Thu Apr 22, 2004 9:32 pm


Running AWASU PE 2.O on Win98 .

I have added some channels, and these are have been nicely handled by the "New Channel" wizard. No ptoblems , it's even validated without errors, and they are nicely showing on my "Control Center" and updating.

BUT, when i want to open one, by the file menu or with a clic or double-clic on it, NOTHING happens ! :evil: And i can't see any feeds.

Only the "Awasu Channel" works well...

Please Help ! It's driving me crazy...

Thank you very much. Best regards.



Postby Guest » Sat Apr 24, 2004 8:21 am

Melchior wrote:Running AWASU PE 2.O on Win98 .

I have added some channels,....... [skip]

This thread has been answered in the "Bug reports" forum by the administrator. So i keep in touch in the bug forum and close this one.


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