Postby Kant » Sun Mar 30, 2003 2:15 am

Why Navbar option is disabled for the plugins?

1. I choose the YahooGroups plugin.
2. Click on the "Yahoo Groups!"
3. Click "Sign in"

At this stage if I want to go back, the "Show Navbar" option is disabled under the "Edit" menu.

To go back, I have to right click on the window and choose the "Back" option.


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Postby support » Sun Mar 30, 2003 2:51 am

Kant wrote:Why Navbar option is disabled for the plugins?

Oops. That's a misteak. :oops:

This option should be enabled. It will be fixed in the neXt beta. For the moment, you can use ALT-Left, BACKSPACE or right-click on the browser pane to get IE's content menu.

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