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I have just downloaded AWASA and installed it. When I click on File - Channel Packs I get the message No channel packs installed. Am I missing something? According to the Windows XP mag. there should be a list of available packs.Please let me know how to access the packs

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Postby support » Thu Nov 25, 2004 12:32 am

When Awasu is first installed, it downloads the channels packs from our servers and saves it to your PC. A new version is retrieved every few days. If you have installed Awasu to the default location, it will be saved at <tt>C:\Program Files\Awasu\Resources\Channel Packs\ChannelPacks.index</tt>.

If this file isn't there, you can download it manually from here and save it to the file location specified above.

The channel packs will now be available.

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