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Postby desperado8737 » Wed Jul 20, 2011 6:05 am

How do you organize large numbers of RSS feeds? I see that Awasu avoids trees of folders containing feeds. That's terrific in that I don't want to have to organize and manage all those folders manually.

Awasu has a mechanism for assigning labels to feeds and then dynamically pulling together all of the feeds with the same labels. That's very cool because you can pull together information from across feeds. So for example, you can create your own feed of items containing posts about "Seaworld" if that's your interest.

But how do you organize many of these channels? Suppose I create a 50 of them? I'll need more than a few hotkeys, as Awasu provides, to see all of them. I'll need, dare I say, a tree that lists my dynamic feeds... Looks like I have to manage that tree after all.

So how do you organized many feeds with Awasu?

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Postby support » Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:35 am

desperado8737 wrote:I'll need, dare I say, a tree that lists my dynamic feeds...

Not necessarily. The advantage of the way Awasu does things is that you can mix tree folders and channel filters as you like, but you could just have all your channels in the top-level My Channels folder and manage everything using channel filters. You don't have to assign hotkeys for all of them, filters can be easily changed via the droplist at the top of the Control Center window.

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