Awasu 1.2 (4 January 2004)

What a year it's been! It's been quite difficult accommodating our two target groups of user, hardcore geeks and general non-technical users, but it's been well worth the effort since Awasu is now not only an extremely powerful knowledge management tool but also very easy and intuitive to use, even for non-techies.

I'm so grateful to all the people who have helped make Awasu what it is today by offering suggestions, reporting bugs, contributing code and of course, purchasing the Advanced Edition. It's that much of a stronger program because of all your input.


If you consider how Awasu looks and runs now, you can see just how far we've come in a short time since the first beta release.

It's been quite a ride and all of us here at Awasu hope that you will join us for the next twelve months and beyond. We have so many cool ideas for new features and enhancements to Awasu, we're going to be very busy putting them all in. Woo hoo!

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