Awasu 2.2 (14 November 2005)

A huge amount of work had gone into Awasu over the course of this year, culminating in the release of 2.2.

It was an amazing feeling getting this release out. Now we had something that not only had an extremely powerful engine under the hood but had the looks and feature set to match!


But these have been only the first few steps on a much longer journey. As I wrote late last year:

RSS [is] not going to be all that important in itself. ... [It is] simply going to be the first step along the way to something much bigger. ... All of a sudden, [people] are seeing the potential that XML-based computer-to-computer communication offers and are starting to demand politely ask for it. And so the use of XML-based communications is going to explode. Dare Obasanjo had it right when he said that "Using XML syndication is an evolution in the way people interact with content on the web".
And a bit further on:
As weíre seeing already, itís not about retrieving buckets and buckets of information and presenting it to the user thatís important, itís what you do with it. People have been complaining for ages about information overload but if you thought it was bad before, just try it with an RSS reader automatically updating hundreds and hundreds of channels every hour.
But the most important thing?
One key aspect of Awasuís technology is its plugin architecture that lets you do whatever you want with the information that is coming in.

Whether it be plugins or channel hooks, Awasu has always been about giving you control over your information.

Stay tuned for what should prove to be a very interesting 2006...

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