Awasu 2.2.3 (19 July 2006)

Metadata modules were the big addition in this release, an extremely powerful feature that lets you extract any information from your feeds and use it in Awasu.

Whether it be one of the increasingly-popular microformats such as hReview or hCalendar, or your own proprietary information, this new feature lets you pick out the information you're interested in and use it within Awasu.


One of the fundamental concepts Awasu has been built upon is smart handling of your data, processing this information in the way you want it handled.

Metadata modules are the final piece of the puzzle, allowing for end-to-end management of your information:

Plugin channels retrieve information from any data source.

Metadata modules give you access to all the information in the feed.

Channel hooks let you analyze, process and respond to the information in the way you want.

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