Awasu » Awasu 1.1.3 for Windows 98/Me released
Thursday 2nd October 2003 11:52 PM [Awasu News]

At last, a version of Awasu that runs on 98 and Me has been released. Now we'll see how many of you are still out there... 🙂

Many thanks to all the people who helped with testing. It is much appreciated.

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Yes I'm still using good old Windows 98SE. I ran across your RSS link on, looked it over saw the ease of use, deleted my other aggragator and here I am to stay. I'm not a newbie, but no expert, so I had minor problems getting set up. Now it's a blessing to be able to get any information I want without the hassle of searching through pages of e-mail. It's all right here. Thanks to each of you who put this together and made it work. I would like to be able to learn programming languages, but as hard as I try, a mental handicap stops me from remembering codes, tags, strings, etc. One day I am going to whip this and want to learn VB.,C+,C++,C#,HTML. I am courious about the new languages being invented. Technology is great, I just wish I could stay in site,'cause I could never keep up. Again, thank you for making Awasu available and I really enjoy using it.

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