Awasu » Awasu 2.1.3 (beta) released
Thursday 29th September 2005 10:40 AM [General]

The Awasu 2.1.3 beta release (what's this?) is now available here.

It's been a long time between releases, much longer than we would normally like, but in this case it's been well worth the wait. We've been toiling away in the dungeons these past few months rebuilding the user interface and it looks awesome. If you haven't been running the alphas, this release is going to blow your socks off! 😎

Just check this out for a list of major new features:

  • A task pane, bringing the most commonly used Awasu features together into one place.
  • A new Downloaded Files window for managing your podcasts and other downloaded files.
  • A desktop sidebar that lets you instantly see what's new in your favorite channels.
  • Search channels that lets you run search queries on your archived content and monitor the results as a feed.
  • Print and print preview functionality.
  • Comprehensive support for the middle mouse button.
  • Several key optimizations that significantly improve Awasu's performance and responsiveness.

And if you're using Windows XP, Awasu now sports the new modern themed look.

The full list of changes is here and really is as long as your arm. At least! 🙂

/taka exits left and collapses in crumpled heap, unable to believe that this release is finally out (and in realization of the fact that he is now going to have to update the documentation for all this new stuff)...

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I'm still running 2.0. Will I need to upgrade to 2.1, before I can upgrade to 2.1.2 release?

Yes. As per the installation instructions for 2.1.2, you must be running 2.1 (or 2.1.1) already.

I like this program

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