Awasu » Awasu 2.1.3.alpha3 released
Wednesday 7th September 2005 11:52 AM [Awasu News]

The third Awasu 2.1.3 alpha release (what's this?) is now available here.

This release consolidates the work done in the previous alphas and adds a bunch of new ones as well. Major changes include:

  • Implemented search channels. These are special channels that lets you monitor Awasu's archived content via search queries and returns the results as an RSS feed.
  • Added support for the middle mouse button. We pride ourself on how configurable Awasu is and we haven't dropped the ball when it comes to this new feature 🙂
  • Added the ability to lock toolbars in place.
  • And, as always, heaps of other minor enhancements, bug fixes and other general Awasu goodness.

Have fun y'all. We're on the home straight to the final 2.1.3 release. Woo hoo! 😎

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