Awasu » Awasu 3.0.1.alpha3 released
Saturday 19th October 2013 8:19 PM [Awasu News]

Awasu 3.0.1.alpha3 is now available here.

This is the last alpha before the final 3.0.1 release, so there're only a few smaller changes.

One thing that's been on my must-fix-because-it's-so-totally-embarrassing list for a very long time is how Awasu imports large OPML files. I have clients with massive OPML files (several tens of thousands of channels :blink:) and Awasu's UI tended to hang a bit while it was loading it up. Since importing channels is often the first thing a new user does, it wasn't a particularly good first experience, even if it is a bit of an edge case 🙄

There are also a few more Awasu API entry points, which is looking pretty comprehensive now :clap: There is an experimental web-based administration console floating around that uses it, which lets you manage your Awasu from a browser - very cool 😎

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