Awasu » Awasu Personal Edition 1.1 released
Friday 4th July 2003 12:17 AM [Awasu News]

At last! We've been pretty busy here at Awasu over the past few weeks getting this release ready and it's finally done. Phew! Awasu Personal Edition 1.1 can be downloaded here.

If you are still running 1.0, then you should definitely install this new version. There are a whole swag of new features and upgrading is no more complicated than downloading the new installer program and running it! The new features are all documented in the online help or you can read the release notes for each of the previous beta releases.

If you are running 1.0.5, there are a few bug fixes that make it worthwhile installing this new version. Check out the additional instructions on the download page.

The Advanced Edition will also be available very shortly. You can find a comparison of features here as well as a peek at some of the cool stuff that will be coming soon.

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This post contains a common error I've seen elsewhere: You're not fully re-constructing the URLs when you parse the post for display. (Or maybe you're not parsing it at all.)

The relative link to comparison.php works fine when I'm viewing the post directly on the site, but when I'm viewing it in Awasu it resolves to C:\comparison.php - which, of course, doesn't work.

Oops 😳 This is fixed now. If you update your channel, the links will resolve correctly.

There was a big discussion a while back about how to handle relative links in a feed. Unfortunately, no-one was able to come up with a satisfactory solution and so it remains one of those grey areas of RSS 🙁

Thanks for letting us know.

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