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Thursday 16th February 2017 9:21 PM [Awasu News]

Awasu 3.0.4 has been released here.

A final round of optimizations, enhancements and bug fixes - this'll be the last one before the 3.1 general release, which shouldn't be too far away.

Tuesday 31st January 2017 9:27 PM [Awasu News]

Awasu 3.0.4.alpha3 has been released here, mostly minor bug fixes and enhancements. Only a few things left to do, and that'll close off this release cycle - woo hoo! :clap:

Tuesday 29th November 2016 1:43 PM [Awasu News]

Awasu 3.0.4.alpha2 has been released here.

Lots of bug-fixes and optimizations, and while the change list might look a little short, some of the issues fixed were insanely difficult to track down. When something happens only after Awasu has been running under continuous heavy load for a week, it takes time to figure out what the problem is 🙁 But I've had several instances of Awasu running under load for 2 straight months now, so I think it's solid... 🙂

There also a bunch of fixes and improvements for corporate users, when Awasu is used in a domain, and connects to the internet via a proxy.

Monday 20th June 2016 8:30 PM [Awasu News]

Awasu 3.0.4.alpha1 has been released here. This will probably be the last release cycle before 3.1, so it'll be lots of minor enhancements and bug fixes from here on.

The most useful one in this release is the blocking of web-bugs. These are invisible images that publishers embed in their feeds, so that they can track when you read an item. When I was testing this feature, I was horrified at how many of these things were in there, so I'm very happy Awasu now strips them out.

Friday 4th March 2016 2:50 PM [Awasu News]

Awasu 3.0.3 has been released here. This is a enhancements and bug fixes releases, and while the change list is relatively short, there's been a great deal of work making Awasu run faster and more smoothly, which should make a noticeable difference.

Have fun, and as always, more Awasu goodness will be forthcoming shortly...

Sunday 6th December 2015 11:11 PM [Awasu News]

Continuing on from the first alpha, this second alpha release adds more optimizations and make-Awasu-run-faster changes.

The change list is relatively short, but the changes involved were extensive and needed a lot of testing. In particular, the way channel summary pages are generated has been completely revamped, and is much smoother and snappier now. Some of you have been sending me crash reports from earlier versions of Awasu, and they've all been the same thing - a problem in how the channel summary pages were generated - so since this code has been replaced, this crash should no longer happen [1]This is, of course, not to say that I haven't introduced another crashing bug, but that's another issue 😐 .

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1. This is, of course, not to say that I haven't introduced another crashing bug, but that's another issue 😐
Thursday 8th October 2015 1:56 AM [Awasu News]

Awasu, of course, uses an embedded Internet Explorer browser to show web content, but it's always bugged me that rendering never seemed to be quite the same as a standalone browser.

I've finally figured out what was going on :jig: [1]Although to be honest, it should've twigged a long time ago. I guess sometimes I'm just a bit slow... 🙄 - while all the documentation says that the installed version of IE will be used, what they invariably forget to tell you is that it's in IE7 compatibility mode :bigshock:

My usual :wall: emoticon is clearly totally inadequate at this point, I need a little yellow man blowing his brains out with a shotgun, or something like that 👿

I'll include a fix for this in the next release, but fortunately, the temporary fix for this is straight-forward: just download and run this file[2]It adds an entry to the Registry saying that awasu.exe should run IE11 for embedded browsers.. If you want test it, open the forums (from within Awasu) and check that the navbar across the top is displayed correctly. Sites using HTML5 and all that other new-fangled frippery should also work a bit better now. Sigh...

/taka toddles off to find a new smilies pack to install... :bah:

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1. Although to be honest, it should've twigged a long time ago. I guess sometimes I'm just a bit slow... 🙄
2. It adds an entry to the Registry saying that awasu.exe should run IE11 for embedded browsers.
Thursday 1st October 2015 5:29 PM [Awasu News]

It's been an arduous slog to get this release finished, but Awasu 3.0.3.alpha1 is finally done, and it has probably one of the shortest change lists you're ever likely to see:

  • Made Awasu run faster 🙂

Core components of Awasu's underlying feed engine are running a whopping 3-5 times faster, so you should see Awasu running noticeably quicker. I've also done a lot of work making sure that things work in non-English environments.

These changes affected nearly every file in Awasu's source code, and I was trawling through some code that hadn't been touched in literally 20 years :bigshock: There was some seriously freaky stuff in there - they don't call it code spelunking for nothing 🙄 One consequence of this is that some things may have been broken, so please keep an eye out for any weirdness.

Monday 6th July 2015 9:14 AM [Awasu News,Tutorial]

A while back, I posted a tutorial that showed how easy it is to extend Awasu through the use of plugins and channel hooks, and continuing on from that, here's another series that shows how you can control your Awasu via its API.

Whether you just want to find out what state your channels or reports are in, or if you want to programmatically create, update and delete them, the Python and PHP libraries available make it a breeze.

Have a play with them, hope you find them useful and, as always, feel free to ask questions in the forums.

Wednesday 22nd April 2015 12:49 AM [Awasu News]

Work on the next release of Awasu has been well underway for a while now, as the optimizing juggernaut plows onwards and upwards 🙂 Part of doing this kind of work is to do before-and-after performance tests, to see how much better the new version is running, and I figured that since I was doing it already, I might as well do some tests on Awasu Server as well.

I've always known that Awasu Server runs much faster and more smoothly than the desktop version, but this is the first time I've collected hard data on how it performs, and the results are, well, impressive :jig:

You can check out the full report here, but to the right is the money shot: Awasu Server updates around 67% more channels per hour than Awasu Pro.

If that's not insanely awesome, I don't know what is ::-):

Awasu Server is in private beta, but if you have lots of channels [1]For example, some of our clients are running tens of thousands of channels., if you want to monitor huge amounts of information, then this is definitely the way to go.

And not only can Awasu bring in this amount of information at high-speed, it can also do something with it all, whether it be forward the information onto a database, or send out emails, or generate reports.

Drop us a line if you'd like to know more...

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1. For example, some of our clients are running tens of thousands of channels.