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Monday 26th April 2004 12:41 PM [General]

Since there are now quite a lot of people who have been using Awasu for a long time, it might be a good idea to occasionally draw your attention to more recent features that you may not have noticed.

One of them is channel packs, which are sets of feeds, usually grouped together by topic or publisher. You can find this feature in the File menu.

Will Richardson asks:

So is there any reason why next fall we shouldn't give our kids their ID numbers, their network passwords, and their login info to their Bloglines account prepopulated with world, national, and local news, the latest sports and weather, and a few choice fun feeds for kids to follow?

None that I can see, apart from using Bloglines, of course 🙂 And while Awasu's standard channel packs were put together with an adult audience in mind to help them get started after first installing Awasu, it's possible to add your own on any topic you choose and use it as a means of distributing channel subscriptions. You can even get your own channels and channel packs distributed to all Awasu users if you like (email us for more details).

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