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Friday 13th August 2004 2:30 PM [General]

You're not.

This is what CNN wrote on their website about what happened yesterday here in Mosul:

Mosul clashes leave 12 dead

Clashes between police and insurgents in the northern city of Mosul left 12 Iraqis dead and 26 wounded, hospital and police sources said Wednesday.

Rifle and rocket-propelled grenade fire as well as explosions were heard in the streets of the city.

The provincial governor imposed a curfew that began at 3 p.m. local time (7 a.m. EDT), and two hours later, provincial forces, police and Iraqi National Guard took control, according to Hazem Gelawi, head of the governor's press office in the Nineveh province.

Gelawi said the city is stable and expects the curfew to be lifted Thursday.

Now here's what really happened...

It's sometimes a bit of a slog working on Awasu but building software that brings you stuff like this is just too cool... 😮

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This blog looks like a put up job to me. If you read some other entries, particularly the interview with the Iraqi from the street and the one about voting, everything in them toes the party line too neatly, except for the usual soldier grumbles.

The guy claims he's into Bukowski, Kerouac, Hunter S Thompson and George Orwell, but his political analysis is naive beyond belief - to paraphrase - "I don't really give a fuck about this voting thing, but the Republicans will give the military more money, which must be good for us".

The whole thing looks very contrived to me, straight from the Ministry of Truth.

G'day Bill.

Always good to see that some things never change... 🙄

Sorry, but my bullshit detector is in the red on this one. At best it is a one time legitimate blog that has been co-opted.

"The medium is the message" was never intended as a clarion call to amputate our critical faculties.

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