Awasu » Monitoring an OPML file using RSS
Thursday 15th January 2004 9:31 AM [General]

There has been a bit of buzz in the blogosphere recently about Dave Winer's new service that lets people submit their OPML files and publishes the most popular channels as an RSS feed.

Allan "The Plugin King" Wilson has come up with a new channel plugin that lets you monitor an OPML file as an RSS feed. While the default parameters are set up for the Top 100 list, it can be used to monitor any OPML file at all. This is pretty cool since you can also use it to keep tabs on your favorite bloggers' blogrolls, for example. also have a bunch of useful OPML-related features.

Many thanks, yet again, to Allan - he's just a coding machine! And if you're finding his plugins useful, please post something in the forums. It gets a bit lonely in the dungeons sometimes 🙂

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