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Thursday 22nd January 2004 12:38 AM [General]

Well, it's 2:37 in the AM and I've stayed up for RSS WinterFest. Except their web site has been running like a slug the past few hours and I can't even log in now so I'm certainly not holding my breath about being able to stream any video 🙁

So I've been playing this for the past half hour. Which somehow seems totally appropriate 🙄

316.9 to beat, guys! 🙂

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hehe, addictive game. Oh and Taka, that RSS winterfest link is broken, is going to "" and not "" 🙂


I was pretty tired 🙁 😡

So I managed 323.5 ....

One of the guys in the office did about 340.

I hit 319.1. Nice game...extremely addicting.

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