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Sunday 25th January 2004 8:06 PM [General]


I s'pose it was going to happen sooner or later. It seems that several people are not receiving emails from us, apparently because spammers have been "borrowing" our email address, causing us to end up on some blacklists 🙁

We take support very seriously here at Awasu and are committed to providing the highest quality support, even for the free version, with response times that will knock your socks off. So if you're expecting to hear from us and are not, chances are our reply got filtered somewhere.

The best thing to do is to post your question in the forums. It won't get filtered, I get notified about new posts as they happen so it's just as quick and the information might be useful to others as well.

This, of course, will all be moot shortly since Bill is already onto it :roll::roll::roll:

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