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Friday 27th June 2003 12:59 AM [General]

Deane over at Gadgetopia asked for my comments on his post that asked when it was appropriate to blog a new entry, edit an existing entry or add a comment to an entry.

So here goes...

I think most of time, it's usually obvious when to post a new entry. In the example he gives, each post talks about a new development in the ongoing Oracle/PeopleSoft saga. If you want to link the posts together, you could do that by including in each entry a link to the previous one. Something in the blogging software that was able to automatically group these posts together would be nice. Trackback'ing to your own posts wouldn't quite work. Creating new categories is not right either - you would have too many and they would only be relevant for a short amount of time. Maybe using the search box is adequate. Your blog is effectively a conversation between yourself and the rest of the world and anyone entering a conversation halfway expects to have to spend a bit of time to catch up and figure out what everyone is talking about.

I think everybody would agree that editing your posts with something more significant than fixing a typo or broken link is a no-no. If a new piece of information comes to hand or you want to make a correction, then by all means edit the post, but mark it clearly. This is what most people do already, I think.

Posting a comment only makes sense if it you are replying to another comment. There is a linear thread to a conversation and so it makes sense to go with the flow here. But to comment on something you said in the original post seems odd. I would go back and change it, making it clear that I changed it.

I think we're starting to hit the age-old problem of techies trying to fit things into nice linear or tree-shaped structures and subsequently finding out that it doesn't work too well in the real world 🙂 Group conversations in real life don't consist of people taking it in turns to say something. Instead, people chip in when they have something to add and so things are much more disorganized. Instead of a linear sequence of comments, we need a network of linked comments. We found that the web page was too large a unit for managing conversations and started using individual blog posts. Perhaps we need to drill down a bit further and be able to link to individual comments. Good grief 🙂

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