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Sunday 12th December 2004 9:35 PM [General]

Tim Bray got a bit upset (and rightly so) about someone incorrectly associating his name with a piece of writing. He links to one of the Slashdot comments about it which is not a bad read. But I would disagree that software is about the tech and abstractions. Software, or any other innovation or device or technology, is about what you can do with it and the value it provides you. And if you look at the Great Moments the commenter listed, you'll see that they are about providing extra services and value to the user.

I love Awasu not because it uses XML or RSS or the abstractions it brings. Awasu and RSS is great because it brings me huge piles of things to think about. News, new ideas, new viewpoints, even if I wildly disagree with them since to disagree with them, I have to think about why they're wrong and provide a valid argument against them. And that's cool.

On a slightly related note, here's an intriguing look at the state of computing today and how we got there. Amazingly long but not your usual Microsoft vs. Apple analysis. It starts off with Batmobiles, moves on to the Magic Kingdom, visits the Morlocks and Eloi before looking at a command line utility to generate universes. A must-read, if you have a spare hour or five.

And just in case you think I'm goofing off, surfing the net, I'm busy putting together the 2.0.5 release. It takes a while to build and test releases these days 🙁

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