Awasu Feed Parser SDK

There is no doubt that feed syndication is becoming incredibly popular and for many programs, it makes sense to add a feature that lets your users subscribe to feeds. For example, your application could subscribe to a feed announcing new versions, plugins and other support tools.

The problem is that there are more than a few different versions of RSS and Atom, all similar, but different in many subtle and important ways. On top of that, add the many strange and bizarre ways publishers have interpreted (or ignored) the specs and you quickly find that parsing feeds is as messy and unreliable as parsing HTML.


The Awasu Feed Parser SDK eliminates the need to have to worry about any of this. Simply add the AFP module to your application and you can instantly have access to the same well-tested, proven feed parsing engine used by Awasu itself.

Check out the API documentation and demo program and please contact us for further details.