External tools

Awasu's Tools menu provides an easy way to integrate external applications and services without having to go to the trouble of writing a plugin or channel hook.

Using a tool couldn't be easier: just select some text in a browser window and choose the appropriate tool from the menu. For example, some of the tools installed as standard let you search Google or Feedster for the selected text, look for channels at Syndic8 or even translate the page.


Managing the tools

The Organize User Tools dialogOpen the Organize user tools dialog from the View main menu.

To add a new tool, click on the small square icon in the top-right and enter a name. Then enter the command that you want to run. This can either be a program installed on your PC or a web-based service (which will start with http:// or https://).

If you want to change the name of the tool as it will appear in the Tools menu, you can enter something in the Menu field. Awasu will automatically assign shortcuts but you can override this by putting an ampersand (&) in front of the letter you want to use e.g. "G&oogle" will show up in the menu as Google.

And if you have a blog, you can easily integrate it into Awasu and post quickly and conveniently from within Awasu. Click on the More info button for details.