Channel settings

Changing a channel's settingsTo change a channel's configuration, open its Channel Properties dialog.

You can do this by right-clicking on the channel in the My Channels window and choosing Properties, or from the Edit main menu.


The first page lets you control how the channel will operate.

The system tray menu

Content presentation

Configuring a channel's content presentation Awasu provides a great deal of control over how feed content is presented.

Default settings can be made in the Program Options but can also be overridden individually for each channel.

The overall look and feel of the channel's summary page is controlled by a template file. Compact presentation is useful for feeds that provide only titles (i.e. no descriptions) for their feed items and tells the template files to switch to a more compact layout.

You can also configure:

Item panes

Configuring item panes

Click on the Item pane button to configure the appearance of the item pane. You can change where it will appear within the the channel's window and add columns to show more information about each item (e.g. author, timestamp or any other piece of item metadata).

Click on the Filters button to configure the channel to highlight items of interest and modify the feed content (e.g. remove ads) before it is shown to you.