Plugin configuration file

A plugin configuration file (.plugin extension) is used by both channel plugins and application plugins.

The format of this file is as follows:

Plugin =                Application plugin script. Must be in the same directory.
AppPluginId =           Application plugin ID. Must be unique within Awasu and contain only letters, digits and underscores.
AppPluginDisplayName =  Display name that the user will see (optional). 
AuthorName =            Plugin author's name (optional).
AuthorEmailAddress =    Plugin author's email address (optional).
PluginNotes =           User notes (optional).
HelpFile =              Path or URL to a help file (optional).

Defining plugin parameters

Plugins can define user-configurable parameters. Global plugin parameters apply to all channels being serviced by the plugin and are defined as follows:

Name =                  Parameter name. Must be unique.
Type =                  Parameter type. Must be one of "int", "bool", "string", "password" [1], "double", "file" or "dir".
DefaultValue =          Default value (optional).
Choices =               A list of choices the user can choose from (optional) [2].
RestrictedChoices =     A list of choices the user must choose from (optional) [2].
Description =           Description of the parameter (optional).
IsRequired =            Flags if the parameter is mandatory (optional).
AutoTrim =              Flags if whitespace should be trimmed (optional).
FileFilters =           A list of file types (for file parameters only) (optional) [3].

This information can be repeated for as many parameters as the plugin wishes to define (just keep incrementing the number in the section name).

Per-channel parameters are defined in a similar way. Each channel will get its own copy of these parameters, allowing the user to configure them independently of other channels:

... everything is the same as above ...

Special plugin parameters

There are several parameters that have special meaning for Awasu.