Plugin request INI file

Every time a plugin is run, it will receive a single command-line parameter, the path of a Windows INI file that contains information about what the plugin is being asked to do.

This is a list of the parameters present in this INI file:


Command =                       Plugin command ("GenerateMainPage" or "ProcessRequest").
PluginRequest =                 Plugin request (for "ProcessRequest" commands).
ParamString =                   Plugin request parameters (for "ProcessRequest" commands).
AppServerUrl =                  URL stem for requests to be sent to Awasu.
AppPluginServerUrl =            URL stem for requests to be sent to a plugin.
ChannelConfigFile =             Location of the channel's config file (this will be set if the plugin is being called to generate a channel's feed).
ChannelDisplayName =            The channel's display name (if applicable).
ChannelHomeUrl =                The channel's home URL(if applicable).
PluginConfigFile =              Location of the plugin's config file.
AppPluginConfigFilename =       Location of the application plugin's config file.

DownloadUrlFile =               Location of the downloaded file (if the plugin requested it via the DownloadUrl parameter).

VersionString =                 Awasu version string.
HttpApiToken =                  An API token (if you need to generate links that call the API).

InstallDir =                    Awasu installation directory.
AppPluginsDir =                 Location of Awasu's application plugins.
ResourcesDir =                  Location of Awasu's resources.
ImagesDir =                     Location of Awasu's images.
MetadataModulesDir =            Location of Awasu's metadata modules.
ChannelSummaryTemplatesDir =    Location of Awasu's channel summary templates.
ReportTemplatesDir =            Location of Awasu's report templates.
SearchResultTemplatesDir =      Location of Awasu's search result templates.
SearchChannelTemplatesDir =     Location of Awasu's search channel templates.
ApiTemplatesDir =               Location of Awasu's API response templates.
AppConfigFile =                 Location of Awasu's global config file.

UserName =                      Current user's logon name.
RoamingDataDir =                Location of the user's roaming data.
LocalDataDir =                  Location of the user's local data.
UserConfigFile =                Location of the user's config file.
ChannelsDir =                   Location of the user's channel config files.
SearchIndexDir =                Location of the user's search index.
ArchiveDatabase =               Location of the user's archive database.
LogsDir =                       Location of the user's log files.
UserResourcesDir =              Location of the user's resource files.
DefaultDownloadSaveDir =        Location of the user's default download directory.
UserOutputDir =                 Location of the user's default output directory.


...                             One entry for each global parameter defined by the plugin (name=value).


...                             One entry for each per-channel parameter defined by the plugin (name=value).