File associations

Awasu will usually use the file associations stored in the Windows Registry to determine which application to run a script with.

Configuring Awasu to run Java plugins

Since Java does not make an association for .class files when it is installed, Awasu creates one internally:

.class = java.exe "%1" "%2"

However, this assumes that java.exe is in your path. If this is not the case or you want to create other associations, create a GLOBAL.INI file in the same directory as the Awasu executable (e.g. C:\Program Files\Awasu\) that looks like this:

[Scripting File Associations]
.class = c:\jre\java.exe "%1" "%2"

Use %1 as a placeholder for the script name, and %2 for the INI file that will be passed in to the script. These placeholders should be wrapped in quotes to safeguard against paths that have spaces in them.

Extending the plugin browser dialog

It is also possible to provide additional file types to users when they are browsing for plugins by adding entries to the GLOBAL.INI file that look like this:

[Script File Types]
.rb = Ruby scripts

Awasu adds the following entries by default:

.exe = Executables
.py = Python scripts
.pl = Perl scripts
.u = Java scripts