Awasu's windows

The My Channels windowControl Center

This window shows your channels, which can be grouped into folders.

The Tasks PaneTasks Pane

The Tasks Pane brings together Awasu's most commonly used features into one place.

Choose Tasks Pane from the View main menu to open it.

The first page gives quick access to Awasu features, the second page to your favorite channels, reports and workpads.

The Downloaded Files windowDownloaded Files

The Downloaded Files window shows all the enclosures that Awasu has downloaded for you.

Choose Downloaded Files from the View main menu to open it.

Double-click on a file to play it [1], or right-click to show a context menu with more commands.

The Sidebar windowSidebar

The Sidebar is a special window that sits outside of the main Awasu window and can be docked to either side of your desktop.

It can be turned on and off from the Display page of the Program Options dialog.

The Sidebar can be configured to show the latest stories from your favorite channels, letting you keep tabs on what's new regardless of whatever else may be happening on your desktop.