End-to-end information management

End-to-end information management. Awasu lets you manage your information from end to end, all the way from the server through to the client, where it can be analyzed, processed and responded to.

Awasu is the only feed reader that lets you:

Retrieve information from any data source.
Plugins can be written to retrieve data from any source e.g. a database or scraped from a web page.
Have access to all the information in the feeds.
Metadata modules let Awasu extract additional information from your feeds, even if it's in your own proprietary format!
Analyze and respond to the information as it comes in.
Channel hooks are small programs that can process the incoming information and respond to it.


Retrieve information from any data source

Most feed readers only allow you to subscribe to channels via a web server.

This is not much good if you want information that is not available this way e.g. it's in a database or locked up in another program.

Or maybe it's on another web site that don't offer feeds and have no plans to do so.

Perhaps it's sensitive information that you don't want to publish on a web site that is accessible by anyone and everyone.

Channel plugins Awasu's channel plugins solve all these issues and let you monitor any kind of information, regardless of where it is.

Whether it's in a database or other third-party application, if it's only available from a web page, no matter where the information you want lives, you can write a plugin to retrieve it and convert it into a feed that Awasu can use.


Access to your information

Most feed readers only know how to handle RSS and Atom.

Some of them might support XML extensions commonly used by feeds such as Dublin Core or wfw:commentRss but as new extensions become popular, you have to wait for the developers to add support for them, if it happens at all.

And you know there's no way they'll be adding support for your in-house, proprietary extensions.

Metadata modules Awasu's metadata modules let you extract and process any information embedded in your feeds.

This additional metadata can then be used throughout the system e.g. you can show it to the user or have your channel hooks process it.


Analyze and respond to the information

Most feed readers are passive tools; they simply display the data as it arrives without understanding anything about what they are showing.

They download vast amounts of information only to blindly dump it on your lap, not caring if you read it, ignore it or just delete it all.

Channel hooks Awasu's channel hooks provide an active response to the information as it comes in.

They are small programs that get run when certain things happen (e.g. when a channel is updated or new items are received) and carry out some action based on what they find.

Using channel hooks, Awasu can actively monitor the incoming information and take appropriate action based upon what it finds.