Feed auto-discovery

Configuring auto-discovery Awasu can automatically find feeds embedded in web pages as you browse.

Auto-discovery is a way for web sites to automatically announce their feeds to visitors, saving you the trouble of having to search their web site to find them.


If auto-discovery is turned on, any time Awasu opens a web page that is announcing a feed, a blinking icon will be shown in the caption bar or status bar that you can double-click on to start the Channel Wizard.

Auto-discovery indicator

If you have a older machine, you may want to turn auto-discovery off since the process of searching each web page you open for feeds can slow things down a bit. You can always do auto-discovery manually from the Tools main menu.

Possible feeds

Possible auto-discovered feed URL's Even if a web page is not announcing a feed, Awasu is smart enough to find links that may be feeds.

In these cases, a special dialog will appear that lets you check to see if they really are feeds or not [1].

If you choose not to subscribe to a feed, you can also add its URL to an exclusion list that will cause it to be ignored next time you visit the web page.