Channel folders

Channel folders in the My Channels window Awasu provides a sophisticated way of organizing your channels using smart folders.


Channels can be arranged in folders, but with one key difference from other traditional, tree-based programs: they can appear in more than one folder. Just hold down the Control key when dragging them around.

This seemingly simple enhancement allows for some powerful changes in the way you manage your channels. No longer do you have do decide if a channel belongs under News or Technology. If it belongs in both, then just put it in both!

This becomes particularly useful when you start using channel filters which let you control which channels appear in My Channels at any given time.

For example, you might want to show only those channels that:

Setting up a folder hierarchy is actually another way of tagging your channels. Putting a channel in a folder called News is the same as tagging it with the word "news".

Awasu takes the tagging concept to the next level by allowing you to create a hierarchy of tags e.g. all channels that live in the News folder, for example, are news-related but you can further sub-classify them by creating sub-folders such as News/International and then News/International/Europe. A channel placed in this last folder automatically gets tagged with "news", "international" and "europe".

Folder order

How to drag folders in My Channels You can easily change the order in which your folders appear by dragging them around.

Folders are divided into three zones and where a folder ends up after being dragged depends on which zone in the target folder you drag it into (see diagram).