Search result filtering

Filtering by URL

Search results can be filtered by URL by including a clause like this in the query:

Due to the nature of the content of some feeds, and the common use of third-party services to deliver feeds, Awasu will also check the feed URL of the channel that items came from, and also the channel's home URL (if the publisher has specified one). So, the clause above will include items in search results that meet any of the following conditions:

To turn this extra checking off and limit results to only items that link to, include the following clause in the query:


The behavior of site filters can be reversed, to show only results not at, like this:


Filtering by folder

Search results can also be filtered by channel folder by including a clause like this in a query:


where ... is either a folder GUID or a regular expression that is used to match folder names. If you don't want to worry about regex's, any substring of the folder name will do e.g. folder:foo will match any folder that has "foo" in its name. If there are spaces in the folder name, it must be quoted e.g.

folder:"Developing nations"

By default, sub-folders will also be checked, so if you want to disable this and match folders exactly, include the following clause in the query:


As with URL's, folder matching can also be reversed, like this:


Filtering by item state

Search results can be also filtered by item state (i.e. whether an item has been read or not):