User tools

Awasu's user tools provide an easy way to integrate external applications and services without having to go to the trouble of writing a plugin or channel hook.


Standard user tools can be invoked from the Tools menu and perform common operations such as searching Google or looking up the meaning of a word. Most tools work with some text selected in the browser window but others could just open a web page or start another program on your computer.


Send-to user tools [1] operate on a feed item or web page.

Right-click on a feed item in the item pane to send it to the clipboard, a workpad, someone via email, or one of the installed external services.


Or right-click on a browser tab to do the same for the current web page.


A special Send to popup menu is also available at the bottom of every feed item.


Managing the tools

The Organize User Tools dialog Open the Organize user tools dialog from the View main menu.

To add a new tool, click on the green plus icon and enter a name [2]. Then enter the command that you want to run.