Workpad Workpads are holding stations for feed items, either because you want to read them later or you want to collect them together and generate a report.


There are many ways to add an entry to a workpad:


Editing a Workpad item Workpad items can be edited and annotated individually. This is most useful when you are going to generate a report from the workpad and want to add your own notes.

You can also define custom fields for each workpad and then specify values for them for each workpad item.

These powerful features mean that you can browse your channels and collect items of interest in a workpad, add your own comments, then put it all together into a final report. A great tool if you're doing research or writing a document on a particular topic!

The Awasu API also allows a feed to be generated from the contents of a workpad, so other people can subscribe to your workpads and be notified of your changes!


Managing your workpads

The Organize Workpads dialog Open the Organize workpads dialog from the View main menu. From here, you can manage your workpads.

Workpads can be docked or floated anywhere on the screen and there are settings in the Program Options to automatically show/hide workpads when items are added and removed.

Your workpads will also be listed in the Tasks Pane for quick access.

The first workpad in the list is considered to be the default workpad and is the one that certain operations (described above) will use.